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The show has now been aired - read what the gadget show guys though about us here

In April Channel 5's The Gadget Show will be evaluating security safes and we are pleased to have been able to help them source suitable Security Safes for home and small office use.

The shortlisted products are:

pheonix citadel Phoenix Citadel SS1191E
pheonix citadel Phoenix Orion HS1111E
pheonix citadel Secureline Professional S2 SL03411

Each of these safes have been rated to European Security Level 2 so provide robust protection against attack - and we won't know until the show airs what tests The Gadget Show team decide to subject the safes to! We're sure whatever tests they dream it will provide very entertaining television.



Posted: 5 April 2011

Comments (3)

Chris A | 12 April 2011 8:11

I saw the feature on Gadget Show Safes last night - it was GREAT. All the safes were much tougher than I thought and based at what the presenters threw at them they'll add loads of security at home or at work

Leon Haigh - Phoenix Safe Co Ltd | 12 April 2011 11:31

It was great to have our safe on the The Gadget Show. We always have the upmost confidence in our products and this was proven on the show. The Citadel SS1190 series are a very tough range of security safes with the added benefit of fire protection. Despite being dropped from a great height, attacked with an angle grinder and being blown up, they still couldn't get in to it.

Martin f | 12 April 2011 16:41

Great show - I loved it. I was surprised that they didn't try a blow torch? .....That's what BA would have done

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