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Gadget Show Safes - great TV and all our safes survived

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Last nights Gadget Show featured a tested to destruction using security safes that we supplied.  All the safes survived the tests and beat the presenters with the Phoenix Safe actually breaking the angle grinder they used to try and crack the safe open!  Brilliant TV and surperb evidence of how tough our security safes are!
See more detail about the Gadget Show Safes by clicking this link 

Phoenix Data Safes

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Phoenix safes DS2500E Data Combi series are manufactured from the best quality EGI steel plate and, when combined with the latest fire resistant technology, a safe of massive strength, security and innovation is produced. Great attention was given in the design of the safe to create not only resistance to attack by force or fire, but also to simplicity and ease of use.

The user friendly electronic digital lock allows the user to programme their own personal code from up to 16 easily remembered numbers, with a master code override if required. Whenever an emergency arises, simply close the door and the PAL automatic locking facility takes over. Sliding steel bolts, 30mm in diameter, will immediately engage into the door frame, locking the door shut and prevent access by force. In addition, a unique combination of door curvature seals will also present a virtually airtight defence against penetration by heat, gases and the chemicals ever present in a fire.

Even greater strength and resistance can be obtained with an optional PAD 4, anchor system. This device permanently bolts the safe to any type of floor and prevents its physical removal from the premises. Use of this system not only deters attack, but also significantly increases the insurance rating of the safe.

Safe Testing

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sentry safes - fire protection safe.   During this test the safes a Sentry safe a Honeywell and a cash Sentry cash box were tested against fire and water.  The safes were submerged for 5 minutes in a pool they were then burned for 30 minutes at 1000 degrees. The Honeywell safe failed to survive.   The large Sentry safe, burned under conditions that simulated a house fire managed to survive with the contents intact.
The Sentry safe company has joined up with Shwab corp to release the - The Sentry Schwab corp  2500.  This safe, as with all the fire safes by sentry underwent extensive testing at Intertec the independent testing authority.  Each model underwent independent testing to ensure that the units were water and fire proof – they were burned then sprayed for 1 hour.  The Schwab 2500 passed the inspection.

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