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Data has become one of our most precious assets. In the event of a severe disaster such as a flood, fire or storm your personal data including health records, financial statements and insurance information if not properly safeguarded would most likely be destroyed. In the office environment daily back ups are vital to ensure continuity in a crisis and should be protected in a safe that will stand up to fire, theft and floods. See our office safes for more information.
We all know the risks however most of us do nothing about it. Yet purchasing a security safe and making copies of your data and storing them elsewhere is relatively easy and need not be a major cost. The alternative of leaving things to chance could cost you everything.
As most businesses and homes now have computers and other electronic media devices it has become more and more important to safeguard the data held on them. A data safe is specifically designed to store not just paperwork and documents, but also vital and irreplaceable computer media and back-ups, such as removable hard drives, DAT tapes, CD ROMs, USB sticks, negatives and DVD’s. Fire data safes are ideal for any important plastic or man-made materials.

Computer data storage is much more susceptible to heat than paper files are. Fire data safes offer enhanced protection from heat over normal safes, as they keep an internal temperature of 52°C or less for a manufacturer specified periods of time. At temperatures of more than 52°C computer data is corrupted or destroyed.

Fire data safes differ in the length of time they are able to hold the internal temperature below 52°C. This fireproof rating is normally shown in minutes, and typically ranges between 60, 90, and 120 minutes. All our Phoenix Fire safes are manufactured and tested for up to 120 minutes and are approved by authorities around the world. In addition, Phoenix guarantee to replace completely free of charge, any safe involved in a fire.

Computer Media is so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 52°C (125°F) or humidity over 85%. Even a hot drink or radiators can cause damage if too close, so a real fire can quickly wipe out all your stored data.
With our Fire Data Safes, computer media can be protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, theft, accidental damage and electrostatics.

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