FAQs > Protect your valuables and data against water damage

Every year over £1b is spent of flood damage claims by UK insurers. This increased to £3b in 2008 due to the extreme weather conditions and number of claims. These figures are set to rise over the coming years due to climate change and lack of flood protection in many areas.
Protecting your home, office, valuables and data from water damage is becoming an increasing worry for us all.  Some Sentry Safes are specifically designed to protect against water damage and are well worth a look.
All buildings are different, but every one is at risk from water damage. From a small roof leak to major floods, any influx of water can drastically impact the value of a property and destroy goods, documents and valuables within. Protecting your roof, walls, windows and other exterior features of your building can help but once water is in your building it is vital that your irreplaceable documents and other water damageable goods are stored in water proof safes, chests or cabinets.
Below is a building check list of issues that should be inspected regularly.
Make a point to walk round your building regularly to check for damage. Replace the roof, window sealant joints, flashings, etc if necessary.
Talk to Tenants or Employees
Make sure that people in your building are reporting any damage or smells that could indicate a water leak
All roofs should be considered a potential risk area where water damage is concerned. Check them regularly and also remember that in many modern offices the ceilings and roofs contain ducting and piping that carries water around the building. If you have a flat roof you should be doubly cautious as these can pool water or if walked on frequently become damaged.
You should check for damp or discoloured patches on walls which could indicate a burst or leaking pipe within the wall. When drilling into walls use a services locater tool and be aware that many modern buildings also now use plastics water pipes within walls.
If your building does suffer from a water leak:
  • Quickly shut off the water supply – It is a good idea to make sure you and others know the locations of the stop cock.
  • Shut off electric and gas supply, if appropriate. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix.
  • Have the numbers of plumbers and also utility services to hand.
If you do live in a potential flood area or have concerns about water damage it is a good idea to invest in a water proof safe or storage case. These safes are designed to keep water out in wet conditions. Waterproof safes are also essential for pools areas, on boats, docks, cellars and any areas where water is present and can seep in to damage documents and valuables. Many waterproof safes are fireproof also and serve as traditional security safes which can help lower insurance premiums or simply help with peace of mind.